This Dallas Escort Uses Fear As A Tool For Growth

Fears are often viewed as a hindrance to your dreams, something that prevents you from being your best self. And the fear keeps affecting you in this way for as long as you keep running away, thinking that you simply cannot get rid of it.

However, something powerful happens when you decide to face your fears head-on. You no longer feel miserable or less able. You start feeling better as you are able to do something about your insecurities. You find that your fears aren’t so impossible to conquer after all. This is a lessen I learned from a Dallas escort and good friend of mine.

But how does conquering your fears help with your growth? Apart from the obvious fact that you are ridden of something that was arresting your progress, there are also many other small or indirect ways in which overcoming your fears can be helpful to you.

According to my Texas girlfriend, there are six ways in which the process of conquering your fears is just as helpful as the ultimate achievement of conquering them.

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You target a source of negativity

When your fears stop you from being your best, there are a number of other negative emotions that start developing in your mind. For example, you may think that you are probably less able than others, as only you seem to be afraid of doing it. Similarly, you may resent the way other people are able to do things you long for, without feeling scared in any way.

You are freed of such negative feelings when you start overcoming the insecurities and find that you too can lessen, and eventually, remove them. You start building positive thoughts when you are able to imagine yourself doing things that have been a distant dream so far.

You start indulging in self empowering thoughts

When you decide to conquer your fears, you leave your defeatist attitude behind. Now it’s no longer like ‘I can’t do it, I’m too scared’, now it’s like ‘I can surely do it, I just need to overcome my fears.’

Thus, you start reinforcing empowering thoughts as soon as you decide to face your fears. But that’s not all! Throughout the process of overcoming the fears, you keep thinking such powerful thoughts that enable you to keep going. Soon this becomes a habit, and you are able to think positively and constructively, instead of getting affected by self doubts. That Dallas escort for the longest time wanted to get into the world of escorting, but was just too afraid to take the leap. She decided that every day she would give the idea just a little thought — a little positive thought. Before too long, she was ready to go for it.

You are no longer hindered by limitations

Fear is one of the common factors that limits us from working on our dreams. This not only prevents us from doing what we want to, but makes our overall life less fulfilling.

It often happens that the fear not only limits you from achieving your goals, but there are also many other intermediate tasks that you are reluctant to do as long as you are affected by the fear. Hence, when you start working on your fears, you also target these smaller limitations.

You get some unexpected achievements

When you are facing your fears, you are also getting better at some other things automatically. This process is usually hidden, but sometimes, you may suddenly discover that you’ve achieved something unexpected as a result of the process!

Thus, not only are you are able to remove that fear or self doubt from your life, but also you get to learn and achieve some smaller things along the way.

You find opportunities to grow

Whenever you start conquering a fear, you are finding new opportunities to improve. It’s not just about overcoming that fear, it’s also about discovering new things to work on throughout the conquering process.

Thus, this process of removing a shortcoming, such as living in a small Texas town that wouldn’t be at all receptive to the idea of one of their own was involved in the escort business, suddenly gets converted to an opportunity to improve yourself in more ways than one, and in discovering new areas to grow. Like moving to the big city of Dallas and expanding your horizons and world-view.

Fear as your motivation

You can use fear as a source of motivation to achieve your dreams. For example, your motivation may be reduced if you are unable to visualize yourself in that ideal future. Here, you can instead find your motivation by using the fear of how stuck you’ll be if you don’t work on it.

In this way, not only the removal of fear, but the acknowledgment of fear itself can help you to achieve more, especially if you are feeling stuck and low on motivation.

These are some of the ways in which the process of facing your fears helps with your personal growth. Then, you also have the ultimate achievement of conquering that fear, thereby becoming ready for working on some huge goals!

So stop feeling paralyzed and start conquering your fears now! It is an uphill task, but with patience and perseverance, you’ll definitely get there, while learning many new things on the way. Start taking small steps today, for they will lead you to much greater accomplishments in the future!

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