3 Ways To Rid Your Mind of Too Good To Be True Beliefs

Believing that something is too good to be true is a self-fulfilling prophecy that many people live on a daily basis. If a prayer is answered or there is any instance of happiness and joy, it is easily undermined by this pesky little belief.


Have you ever been extremely happy, but afraid to rejoice or bask in the moment? Have you ever felt like all the good things in your life were just too good to be true, and that there had to be something maniacal lurking around the corner?

This mixture of joy and fear is called foreboding. By definition, foreboding means fearful apprehension, or a feeling that something bad will happen. When we live a life shadowed by foreboding, we are unable to experience the fullness of joy that life wants to give us. We are too apprehensive and fearful about what goodness, joy and happiness could mean for us in the future. If you want to rid yourself of this type of thinking and forever annihilate the belief that something is too good to be true, here are three tips to jump-start the process.

Be Thankful Always

When great things happen in your life, offer gratitude. When not so great things happen, continue to be thankful for life itself. This seemingly small practice has huge residuals. By maintaining a space of gratitude, you keep your mind and spirit open to receive all that life is trying to teach and have you experience. This makes for a much richer and more fulfilling journey. Also, remaining in a posture of gratitude eliminates the fear of joy-stealing boogie monsters. This, in itself, makes for a more peaceful existence.

Be Mindful Who You Share Good News With

As much as I would like this truth to be different, not everyone is rooting for your success. Sadly, there are some people anxiously waiting for your demise. It is this spirit that keeps gossip culture growing and flourishing. With this understanding, you must be mindful who you share things with, especially those things that you consider good in your life.

Sometimes it’s not even us who believe that something is too good to be true, but a “hater seed” that has been planted in our psyche by those who’d like to see us fail. So before you go spreading the news of awesome things to any and everyone, be certain that they are trusted confidants who have your best interest at heart.

Expect Good Things

Most times, as pointed out at nytimes.com, believing that things are too good to be true stems from an expectation and worthiness deficiency. If you consider yourself or your life unworthy of good things, that energy will produce fruit after its own kind. Think of the times when you were waiting for something bad to happen. How many times were your wishes granted?

More importantly, why do you believe that bad things are supposed to happen to you? Answering these questions will help you get to the root of spiritual cancers like unworthiness, shame, regret and low self-esteem.

It’s time for you to live your best life now, and expect AND GET what is the absolute best. Start believing that everything that is good is true and that even the bad things work out for your good!


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    especially like the Be Mindful Who YOu Share Good News With section. Very, very true